What's in a name?

Naming a collection can be a daunting task, but also an exciting one as your finished pieces take their full identity and your collection story is complete. Some designers find names after the final piece has been produced, others have a name in mind before and throughout the process. So how do we go about naming the creations here at Alice Menter Jewellery? As you’ve probably noticed, all our pieces have actual girls’ names. Some of these have been inspired by our friends, our family and for other pieces the names have conjured up an identity, a feeling, an attitude that we think suits the piece.

All our designs are unique, individual and have their own personality, just like their namesakes. Here we look at some of the collections best sellers and the meaning behind the names…

For the iconic cuffs we needed a name which summed up this statement, luxe edgy piece. The name Ruby has always sounded a little bit rock ‘n roll to us (maybe it’s the songs?!), but at the same time holds a certain glamour. It felt contemporary but classic at the same time, just like the design.

The first design of this necklace was a bespoke commission – we then had so many requests for this design we thought it had to be added to the signature collection. The necklace is named after the original owner of the first design and holds her classic sense of style. 

Samaya earrings are simple, subtle but very glamourous.  Just like their inspiration, Samaya Ling, Bristol vintage queen extraordinaire who always looks the bees knees, these reminded us of her!

For a collection designed around the opulence and glamour of the 1920’s we wanted names reminiscent of this era. We imagined Scarlet and Grace in beaded deco dresses, feather headbands, at a glorious Gatsby party, dancing a charlston two step with champagne in hand.

Another original owner inspiration, Katie is a member of our maker team, and works alongside Alice to lovingly craft our handmade designs.  She owned one of the first pairs of this design, and the earrings remind us of her sparkly personality.

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