Jewellery Info & Care


Every piece of Alice Menter jewellery is hand-made and unique.

Nuts, washers and hinges are plated with yellow gold, rose gold, rhodium, silver or powder-coated with a colour finish.

Plated jewellery fades over time, though mindful care will significantly delay this (see Jewellery Care Advice below).

All chains and findings are sterling silver or rolled gold.

Our cuffs are made using elasticated cord. Don’t be afraid to stretch them over your wrist; they are flexible and will loosen slightly over time.

All sizes are approximate. Measurements are as accurate as possible, but due to the hand-made nature of the pieces and the nature of some of the materials involved, small variations in size may result.  If you are looking for a size not listed please get in touch and we'll endeavour to help.

The look and feel of an Alice Menter cuff will vary depending on the size of hexagonal nuts it has been crafted from. We use small nuts (mini) for a finer, more intricate finish or slightly larger nuts (midi) for a bolder, solid finish. Click here for a visual guide.


Plated jewellery fades over time, though mindful care will significantly delay this.

Keep your Alice Menter jewellery looking good by following this simple care advice:

  • Polish regularly with a soft jewellery cloth.

  • Avoid storing in damp or very hot environments (in bathrooms / next to radiators) which will cause the plating to tarnish.

  • Remove before swimming, showering or bathing as any contact with water will cause the plating to tarnish. If your jewellery does get wet, be sure to dry it as soon as possible.

  • Minimise damage from knocks and scratches by removing jewellery before engaging in physical exercise and storing individually in the original box, a zip-lock bag or wrapped in acid-free tissue paper when not being worn.

  • Avoid contact with perfume, creams, household chemicals, etc as this will cause discolouration and tarnishing.

  • Avoid delicate chains becoming damaged when not being worn by hanging carefully away from other items with which they could become entangled.

  • Powder-coated elements should be protected from knocks which can cause the layer to crack / chip off and should be cleaned with a damp cloth then dried immediately.

  • Take care when handling hoop earrings and be sure to close them when not being worn as the nuts / washers are not fixed and can slide off.

  • Suede pieces will soften over time so handle them (particularly tassel elements) with care.

  • Suede can be cleaned by hand using a specialist suede cleaner, though be sure to remove any cleaner residue from the metal components as it will damage the plating and cause tarnishing.

  • Chains and findings can be cleaned using a specialist gold or silver cleaning solution but be sure to avoid contact with any nut / washer / zip / hinge elements as the chemicals will damage the plating and cause tarnishing.


We offer a repair service for all Alice Menter jewellery and are happy to rethread cuffs, repair broken chains, replace a lost earring...

If you have any repair-related questions, please drop us a line and we will be happy to talk through what might be possible.

Please note that we can only give you an indication of possible charges initially as we will require you to send the item(s) to us for an assessment before we can provide you with a final costing.