Ivy Silver Dot


Featuring a wealth of rose gold, rhodium and silver mini nuts woven into striking horizontal lines, this cuff is a slimmer version of Alice's signature Isla design. This unique piece of jewellery is beautifully handcrafted and comfortable to wear.

  • Hand made
  • Rose gold, rhodium and silver plated mini brass hexagonal nuts hand woven onto elasticated cord   
  • Small / Medium - 16cm circumference
  • Medium / Large - 17cm circumference
  • Depth - 2cm
  • Cuff is flexible and will stretch over wrist
  • Note on cuffs: The look and feel of an Alice Menter cuff will vary depending on the size of hexagonal nuts it has been crafted from. We use tiny nuts (mini) for a finer, more intricate finish or slightly larger nuts (midi) for a bolder, solid finish. Click here for a visual guide.

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