Our brand new collections - Classical, Hinges and Pop.

Introducing three brand new collections from Alice Menter...

Fusing the vivid blue and gold colour scheme of ancient Egyptian design with modern-day industrial hexagonal nuts, the Classical Collection is a must for the contemporary fan of time-honoured style.

Classical Collection

For the Hinges Collection, Alice has worked to transform a brand new material - the humble hinge. Coated in gold and silver plating and then bound together into blocks, the resulting repetition of the hinge’s characteristic markings and holes gives these statement designs a tactile playfulness with a tribal edge.

Hinges Collection

With flashes of vibrant colour woven to electric effect amidst rows of Alice's signature gold and silver hex nuts, the Pop Collection takes inspiration from the graphic styles and chromatic palette favoured by artists such as Warhol and Lichtenstein.

Pop Collection

There are 15 new designs altogether - click here to discover them all.

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