Maxi + Monochrome - Our Bold New Collections

Presenting the very latest designs from Alice Menter...

The brand new Monochrome Collection - a must for fans of this eternally on-trend look - mixes gorgeous golden nuts and chain with a dazzling pop of black and white to create a whole new eye-catching dimension to Alice's designs.

Maddie Necklace

Megan Cuff

For jewels with maximum impact, feast your eyes on our bold Maxi Collection. With giant silver and gold plated hexagonal nuts taking centre stage, this is a playful yet attention-commanding look.

Honor Necklace

Harper Silver earrings

There are also a couple of beautiful new additions to our Tassels Collection and some oversized cuffs, all of which were designed especially for our recent London Fashion Week collaboration.

Olive Cuff

Click HERE to check out all the new designs.

Pictured, in order of appearance: Maddie Necklace / Megan Cuff / Honor Necklace / Harper Silver Earrings / Olive Cuff.

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