Discover the latest Alice Menter collection

It is with much excitement that we present the latest collection from Alice Menter.

As ever, the style inspiration behind this collection comes from Alice’s deep-rooted passion for vintage glamour and tribal body decoration, and each piece is skilfully hand crafted using Alice’s unique design process that transforms everyday nuts and washers into high end, covetable jewellery.

Created with thoroughly modern materials and a nod to the jewellery styles favoured by the glamorous flapper dancers of the 1920s, the brand new Tassels Collection features four show-stopping necklace and earring designs. Using clusters of gleaming nuts and delicately swaying chains to create beautiful vertical falls, these pieces evoke a sense of both energy and elegance.

 Fenella necklace by Alice Menter

Fans of Alice’s previous Glitterati designs will delight in a new group of pieces that have been added to the collection, including some classics updated in new colourways and the gorgeous Frida necklace - a three-strand braid of tiny, glimmering gold and silver nuts. The look is a modern take on classic jewellery design from the sophisticated Deco era.


Frida necklace by Alice Menter


There is also a small suite of new pieces - featuring an undulating wave of nuts set off against a dark line of delicately structural ball chain - that exude a charmingly simple yet striking elegance.

Cassie Gold earrings by Alice Menter

There are 19 new pieces to discover. Click HERE to browse them all.

(Pictured pieces, in order of appearance: Fenella necklace, Frida necklace, Cassie Gold earrings)

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