Alice Menter Product Photoshoot

We recently decided to update our product images and so set about finding a team that could help us.

Happily we managed to get together a dream team - with Jonathan Bowcott as photographer, Grace Kingsley in charge of hair and make-up, and beautiful Becca Duncan modelling our entire collection - all of whom are based in our hometown of Bristol.

We really couldn't have wished for a more talented, brilliant bunch of people to work with and we are so pleased with the results that they helped us achieve.

Here are a few snapshots from the shoot:

 Stacks of jewels waiting to be photographed...

 Alice and our beautiful model, Becca.

The studio looked out over this gorgeous lake.  Such a peaceful location!

We can't wait to share the finished shots... soon.

With thanks to:

Jonathan Bowcott (Photographer) -

Grace Kingsley (Hair and Make Up Artist) -

Becca Duncan (Model)

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